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Fishing Cart



The CartMakers® fishing cart is designed to help you transport your fishing gear to the water’s edge or to your favorite pier for a day of fun. The fishing cart is designed to hold a cooler, tackle box, 5 fishing rods without getting tangled, a 5 gallon bait pail, 2 folding chairs and an umbrella. The fishing cart’s rod/pole holder also acts as a holder for an umbrella.


  1. The fishing cart frame is made of the finest quality Exterior Grade PVC product available in the industry. This material is lightweight but very durable with a high impact threshold and strong UV resistance. Exterior Grade PVC has a high gloss finish. It is enhanced with a UV stabilizer, which will withstand most weather conditions.
  2. The fishing cart is assembled without tools. The cart front support, back support and handle can easily be removed for storage and transportation. The fishing cart will easily fit in the trunk of most medium size cars and can be reconstructed at the surf or on the pier.
  3. The cargo area is balanced over the axle for ease of operation.
  4. Overall assembled dimensions for the fishing cart are: 55″ L ( w/o handle 37″) x 30 3/4″ H x 32 1/2″ W
  5. Cargo dimensions are: 31″ L x 14″ H x 15 3/4″ W
  6. Cargo bed is covered with a panel of PVC foam board for added support.
  7. Standard wheels for the fishing cart are 13″ x 5″ pneumatic tube tires on a 1/2″aluminum axle
  8. For additional tread near the surf, fishing cart tires may be replaced with Wheeleez™ polyurethane wheels size 11.8″ x 7″ at an additional charge. Overall width changes to 37 1/2″
  9. All additional hardware is corrosion resistant.
  10. Two (2) 36″ bungee cords are included.
  11. 24″ measuring tape decal affixed to the frame makes measuring your catch easy!
  12. Fishing Rod Holder for (5) rods. The two end openings have an interior opening of 1 1/2″ to accommodate larger rods. the three interior openings are 1 1/4″ for standard rods. The center opening can also be used for an umbrella pole.
  13. Although our PVC fishing carts will not corrode, they may require occasional cleaning. Use only mild soap and water or Soft Scrub. Abrasive cleaners could damage the finish.

Fishing carts make a fun day at the pier or water’s edge easier

Ted the Turtle surf fishing with his CartMakers fishing cart

Ted With All Of His Tackle on His Fishing Cart Landing a Big One!

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